Preorder the game about Ukrainian volunteers!

In February 2023, we will release a social sim game based on real-life Ukrainian stories. The game will only be created due to your donations–so please support us.

Do you want to try to rescue an elephant from a shelled zoo? Can you imagine that your annoying HOA head might become a hero in your district’s defense? Will you point-blank tell the threatening KGB officer to eff himself, knowing the consequences? If you want to do it, preorder One More Day, a game created in a bomb shelter. Live the life of an average Ukrainian who made their choice matter.

One More Day - many more choices!

Non-linear plot

Write your own story by choosing how to spend your time and resources.

Your actions matter

Every choice - or refusal to make one - will have its consequences, immediate or long-term.

Real-life help

We will transfer 30% of all income to the volunteer funds and add donation links at the end of the game to let you join the volunteers.

War diary sim

Risk and hope, sadness and laughter entwined into your unique story

The bigger the donation - the bigger the reward!

Any donation will bring us closer to the release! But we want to additionally thank those who believe in us.

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The story of the game started in a similar way to the story of the main character – under  heavy shelling. Now we are living the same life: volunteer, panic, calm down and resume our work. But we are sure that the release will be on time!



The birth of the game idea in the Kyiv bomb shelter
February 2022



Storyline creation and interface prototyping
March - May 2022



Draft development of events, game mechanics and game arts
July - September 2022


Beta version

Functioning beta version and partial content lock
December 2022


Steam release

The game will become available on Steam and sent to those who pre-ordered it
February 2023


Mobile release

The game will be released for Android and iOS
April 2023

Meet the team

The average gamedev experience of our team members is five years. We have lots of titles released, from hypercasual to AAA. We know what we are doing and thank you for your faith in us!

Daria Tsepkova, producer

Eight years in gamedev.
Created desktop and HOPA games; now in the AAA project team.
Compiled a whole notebook of funny stories during her years of volunteering for the Army.

Anastasia Honcharuk, UI/UX designer

Seven years in gamedev.
Worked on four mobile and three browser games.
In her free time draws the characters of her games.

Olena Kononuchenko, artist

Ten years of experience.
Illustrated books and magazines, created animated short films.
Successfully fights PTSD.

Ivan Ponomaryov, game designer

Seven years in gamedev.
Projects: Nudmer: Key City, The Sinking City, Sherlock: Chapter One.
Named his cat Git to honour the eponymous version control system.

Alex Afonin, Unity consultant

Eighteen years in IT: from junior to the architect of the distributed systems.
Specialises in financial software and gaming platforms integration.
Creates boat models as a hobby.

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